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IT'S OFFICIAL!  We have entered into a partnership with the SUSAN G. KOMEN FOUNDATION to promote breast cancer awareness through our song "WORLD PAINTED PINK".  50% of the proceeds will go to the foundation.  Help us get behind this great cause.  DOWNLOAD TODAY!

About the Band

I moved back home to Louisiana from Nashville, Tennessee to help take care of my mom - a promise I had made to my dad before he passed away.  Also, so my wife Fran and I could be close to our kids and family. 

I still burned inside to write, make records, and perform.  So I called on two ol' Louisiana boys, Timmy Takewell and Wayne Freeman, who each had played with me in Nashville at different shows, but we had all never played together as a group.  So on a cold Saturday Morning we all met up at FreeMark Studios on Cut Off Road with a session drummer (Ray Loop) and cut a song called "Breathe in Breathe Out".  The outcome was phenomenal!  I knew right away these were the guys that I wanted to pick up with where I left off in Nashville.  So Charlie Wood and his Smokin' Section Band was formed.

We decided to make a record, so we all started writing.   The three of us poured our hearts and souls into making the music we grew up on: old school with a fresh sound. We wrote it for fans of music, not A&R or Commercial Radio people.  We broke all the rules.  We found magic and got our mojo working!

- Charlie Wood

The Music

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