I grew up in a musical family surrounded by all styles and types of music.  I wrote my first song, Bad Time Blues, when I was 16 years old and from that moment I was hooked and I  have been writing and performing ever since.  For many years I’ve played cover tunes with my band and at times would slip in some of my originals.  I realized over time that the crowd really loved my songs and would request them to be played!

My wife Fran and I started sending in my music and lyrics to various publishers.  We got a heck of a lot of “no’s, it’s good, but not what we are looking for”.  Then out of desperation, I sat down and wrote to one of my artist that I admire and who’s career I have followed; an ol’ Louisiana boy Joe Stampley.  Then one Saturday morning, around 10am, he called!  I thought it was friends playing a joke!  But quickly realized I was talking with Joe Stampley!  We struck up a friendship, and that got the ball rollin.  He gave me the best advice that anyone has ever given me about the music business.  He said his dad told him when he was young “if you throw enough spit balls against the wall, one will eventually”.  I started “pitching” away!

In a recording session, I met one of Nashville’s finest musicians/producers/singer/songwriter, Chris Nole.   He gave me a compliment after one or two of my songs in the session.  I’ve never heard anything like it, but it’s so Chris Nole…. ”If Ray Charles, and Van Morrison could have a baby together, it would be you”.   After two years, Chris and I got together and he produced an 11 song CD “Keepin It Real” which now has a single “Alabama Stars” climbing the New Music Weekly Country Chart, currently at #16.  

One of the players on my CD is Jack Pearson, (an Allman Brother) who became a very good friend and co-writer.  On a rainy Tuesday night, Jack came to BB Kings , Nashville, and set in with the Swamp Gang Revue Band, we had a great time playing together.  That following Friday night Richard Carter (my drummer) and I set in with Jack at a benefit at 3rd & Lindsley.  We had the opportunity to play with Johnny Neel(Government Mule), Jimmy Hall(Wet Willie), Reese Wynans(Stevie Ray Vaughn’s keyboard player), Bart Walker(Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute player).  For a Louisiana boy, who grew up listening to all of these artists playing at this benefit, it was a dream come true and a whole lot of fun!

I have signed with a couple of major licensing firms to put my music into movies, TV, commercials, etc.  I now spend my days with the band, playing gigs, and writing music.